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Good news, everyone!

The other day, I was doing yet another search for extracted textures from THIEF to no avail, but I ran across something even better.  This awesome person named C-Beam had updated all the textures for Thief II: The Metal Age in high-res glory!  These are the ones I've been fiddling with myself for the Imbris Analects project, and now they're all here and beautiful and all I have to do is the "put them in the Sims" part.

SO!  I made something for the Conversion Immersion Garden of Shadows event using these new beauties - the Art Deco collection!  Now you can have proper Mechanist cathedrals.

You can find it here.

I'll eventually get things reorganized here and also on the Simblr, but that's where it is for now.

In other news, Steam ran an Eidos-palooza sale, so I snagged THIEF for under $8 - for the specific purpose of extracting stuff.  The game won't even run on this machine.  After a half day of fiddling with various extractors, I found one that works, so there might be a slew of THIEF conversions coming too.  If I'm feeling brave, I might even fiddle with a mesh or two.  HA HA HA HA.
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 I think these look pretty good in game (not fantastic, but their original resolution is half what's needed for Sims).  I hope you can find some use for them.  I fiddled with them a lot.  8 ceiling tiles and 8 wall panels.

The Imbris Analects Part Two - Golden Wood

Credit: Looking Glass Studios,

More details at the Simblr.
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You all know I love the Thief games.  If you didn't, now you do.

Have some pretty things.

Imbris Analects Part One - Damask Wallapers

Credits: Looking Glass Studios, Curious B, Awesims, Aelia, and Goat.

More details at the Simblr.
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So I needed a bright yellow recolor of this particular hair for a Sim I'm building, and I said, "What the hell, I'll do all 40 of Pooklet's colors and make it a present."

True story.

These are retextured in the infamous Nymphy Curls (which are one of my favorite textures ever) and recolored in all 40 of Pooklet's actions.  The Naturals are properly binned and familied (and will show up as such), elders will go gray and the files are linked to the blacks.  The Customs are properly eye-searing and awesome.  All files are labeled and Compressorized.  Mesh is included and enabled for all ages.

Masses of credits:

JulieJ for the mesh
Nouk, Nymphy, Pooklet, Pinketamine for the curls texture
Pooklet for the color actions
CatOfEvilGenius for the Color Binning Tool
Simtroverted for pointing out a various obvious fact that led me to figure out why my files weren't working properly

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 I made things!  I really need to post more here then on Simblr (said every Simblr EVER) so here's my Secret Santa gift to Arget at GoS for 2013!

First up is a retexture of Sizz's sweater mesh.  You can grab the mesh at MTS if you don't already have it.  I retextured the sweater, added some little details, and slapped on some Aikea jeans textures because they're my favorite.  It comes in 8 colors, 4 different jeans textures, and looks quite smashing on the lads.  In the download, there are two folders to choose from: Outerwear or Casual + Outerwear.  Pick which one you'd like.  AM only.

Next we have Lyholy's Suede Jacket mesh for the ladies.  The mesh is included in this download.  I re-alphaed and retextured the sweater, slapped more Aikea textures on the jeans, and combined different colors for jacket and sweater.  The jacket texture is Lyholy's original.  Same options available, enabled for Outerwear only or Outerwear and Casual.


Then I made some eyes.  I now understand why people who make eyes have trouble stopping.  It's really kind of fun.

Anyway, these are from Mouseyblue's Lucky Eye Mix collection, the one called "Bat".  I retextured them some myself and used AlfredAskew's adjusted schlera that she had graciously built into an uber-psd file for editing.  40 fabulous colors named from The Forge because why not?  They're custom only.

Finally, I recolored Buggybooz's Craftsman set (love this set) using Goat's "Pecan" wood texture and twelve of Pooklet's Natural colors.  The armchair's have patterns from Paper Street Designs, the sofa has a worn leather texture, and the dining chairs have both kinds of patterns available.  I made the fabric colors to match the patterns.  I didn't recolor the fireplace, but that was the only thing from the set I didn't do.  Meshes are included.

Wood colors:


Pattern swatches:

Leather swatches:


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 I made a thing.  


The mesh is included and all files compressorized.  More pics here.

Now I am anxiously awaiting my Secret Santee in checking GoS every hour or so.  :P
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The model conversions are still a work in progress.  Like I said, I've never done any meshing before in my life, so believe me, I'm happy as a clam that I got something to show up in the game even though the textures are still all screwed up.  Woo hoo!

But, I'm releasing the walls and floors today anyway!


All previews were taken in-game, so you can see how purty they are.  Here's everything you get!




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Deatherella was my Super Blind Date. As much fun as I had, I probably won't volunteer for two people again. I about drove my husband nuts. However, I am getting a new computer TODAY so it will be mine, all mine and I won't have to share Photoshop with him anymore.

Anyway, here are the things I made her. I'm particularly happy with the Sims Store Spooky recolors, because I had been wanting such for myself for a long time. Always better to make gifts that you yourself would enjoy too, I think.

I really had a blast making the kid's clothes too. I had no idea how much fun that would be.

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It also just occurred to me that I never posted my Secret Santa gift either.  Oops. 

So!  Here is my 2012 Secret Santa gift to FoxManic also.  There are clothes, accessory eyelashes, and skintones. 

P.S. Dreamwidth, I know I've bitched about this before, but seriously.  If I have to physically fix your damn "</cut>" tags because you just stick them somewhere in my message, you suck.  I learned HTML because of screw-ups like this.  Anyway...

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Well, my Valentine's things got set on the back burner and then some because of the Blind Date event at Garden of Shadows.  I not only went a little ballistic with my Blind Date's gift, I then was asked to be a Super Blind Date for someone who's date had to drop out.  Of course I accepted and then proceeded to go absolutely bug nuts (and even spent a couple of days in a soda-free haze of headaches, since I gave up the bubbly stuff for Lent this year) for the second maybe I'll get back to it sometime?

Yeah right.  Like the RE house that I have to start over.  :P

Anyway, I wanted to share Alfie's gift with anyone who might want it (who's not on GoS, I guess) since it's a boatload of medieval clothes.  The color scheme is gray/silver/green since that's what she wanted for her particularly 'hood, but I think they would work well for any medieval game.  And did I mention there's a boatload of them? 

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Hooray!  Christmas in July is on at Garden of Shadows, and everything that's been shared so far is magnificent.  This was a lot of fun and I look forward to the next one.

Moderra was my Secret Santee, and I gifted her with a Maxis recolor of the Bohemian set from Apartment Life that, in my opinion, was not very Bohemian.  Sure, the lines and shapes were good, but the colors were lacking.  And no patterns whatsoever.  So I fixed it.  Introducing...

Cut for many many pictures... )Cut for many many pictures... )
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It's finished!  I've actually had these done for a couple of weeks - I just needed to get in-game pictures and make my color palette.  This will probably be my final set as I will be working on my superhero Hood, New Gothopolis, and the Secret Santa exchange at GoS.  I might come back to it later, but four big wallpaper collections is plenty for this project.


I went a little crazy with the colors - 39 in all.  There's a good range from totally ostentatious to a more typical-looking color, although none are as muted as Adalia.  Another set made from my Hexalicious! actions.

I really really like the way these look in game, so how about some examples?

I love damask in a dining room.  Probably why I made two dining rooms for my screenshots.

A sitting room.

And another dining room.
Now to the downloads!  As usual, everything's been labeled and Compressorized, and I've included an optional Collection file (now with my nifty new icon if you want to use it).
Have fun with it!

Picture Credits
Vita Sims
iCad's fabulous floors
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Gee, what have I been doing lately?  Um...making wallpaper and downloading a billion furniture sets.  Yep.  But here's another damask set for you.

Introducing Desire, a massively huge damask pattern with a thoroughly uninspired kick moulding.  20 colors, all in Brights.  I imagine I'll make others in the more muted colors soon.

These were all made with Hexalicious! and tweaked to make the reverses.  Please forgive the stupid naming.  The "Fields" should actually be the other set, but I was in a hurry and didn't bother changing it.  At least you can tell them apart.

Now for screenshots:

Ooh, I made a dining room this time.

Wish my bathroom was that pretty.

And the obligatory bedroom shot.
Download time!  The wallpapers have all been Compressorized and labeled, as always.  A package file is included but will be updated when I finish the next set with this pattern.
Picture Credits
Vita Sims
Holy Simoly


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So the damask crazy has begun.  I'll get right to it.

Introducing my second damask patterned wallpaper - Nikita!  Nikita is another more traditional styled pattern, but I opted for a little creativity and made the majority of the colors opposite toned.  This makes a really cool effect if you're into the really saturated bright shades, and it also looks fantastic with more subdued hues.  I made 32 crazy colors.  I could have kept going.  Again, I used Hexalicious!, heavily tweaked by changing all the settings after running the action.

At least 32 is an even number?

So, how do they look in-game?  Quite nice, I think.

Good for Oriental styles...

...fancy European styles...

...and possibly the most hideous kitchen I've ever created.  I love it, though.  :)
So onto the downloads!  All textures have been compressorized and properly labeled, so you can delete any you're not fond of.  All 32 colors are in this file as well as the collections package so you can keep track of them.

As always, ENJOY!

Picture credits
Pillar things by Holy Simoly


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Me again, bringing you new pretties to clog your downloads folder.

I have discovered I have a texture problem, as in I must own several hundred at a time.  I keep making DVDs so I can clear off my hard drive, and then I go download another hundred.  So imagine my joy when I discovered Wallpaper Direct, a fantastic site with real wallpaper you can buy (that I want to cover my house in) and that has already made seamless textures of most of their products.  I was ecstatic.  Naturally, I was there most of the day, gleefully filling my hard drive with pretty wallpapers - primarily damask.

I'm not a girly-girl and I consider damask wallpaper to be pretty girly, but damn I love it.  Too much Thief back in the day.

So, I bring to you my latest project: {Damask on Demand}! 

My first pattern was called Adalia, and it's a typical-styled damask.  And then I made it in a bunch of wacky colors.


And some less wacky colors for the more traditional approach:

These were heavily tweaked using my Hexalicious! actions, which annoy me more every day.  I'll probably be updating them soon, I hope.  And now for some pretty screencaps:

I plan on creating more damask pattern sets like this and then just adding them to this project.  When I'm done, I hope I never have to download another damask pattern again (I already have LOTS of custom ones already, so here's to hoping).

Now for the downloads!  I've separated out the Brights and Muted colors as well as a separate Collections file.  The Collections file has all of them in it, so you can use it or not.  The textures have all been Compressorized and labeled.
As always, ENJOY!

Picture credits:
Ophelia Bathroom set by Adele

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Do you have a problem with authority and feel the need to rebel?  Are the rules in your Neighborhood Association a little too strict?  Are you famous/artistic/eccentric/certifiably insane and want to show it off to the world?

Then, look no further than Paint4Sale Sidings!

Juanita the Witch digs her new house.
I bring to you a rainbow of 39 brilliant colors in a slightly weathered siding texture.  I made these specifically for testing out my Hexalicious! actions which you can download here if you're interested.  It's an unfinished action set, but their current state works okay.  The colors are derived from the named Hex colors from HTML coding.  I chose some of the brightest ones for this set.
Ooh.  Aah.

The textures are all compressorized and labeled so you can easily delete any you don't want.  I've also included a Collections file so you don't have to search everywhere for them.

I really wasn't sure about these during their creation process.  Blinding colors are not really my cup of tea, but once I loaded them into the game, I loved them all.  Some screen shots:
Juanita is making fun of you.

Three colors on one house?  No one can live at that speed!

Picture credits:
Juanita the Witch by me
House by me
Doors and windows from Holy Simoly
Lots of Lots "mini" 1x2 lot from Mary Lou at MTS.
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This is a work in progress for me - I've been fiddling with them all week and I've come to a good stopping point for now.

Introducing...Shadowfell's Hexalicious! Actions Version 1.0!

Included are 140 Photoshop color actions based on the named Hex colors.  I am a graphic and web designer so I thought that would be a good place to start as I've spent a lot of time with these colors.  They were built in CS5, but they should work in earlier versions at least back to CS - I don't have another version of Photoshop to test on, however, so take this as a warning.

The colors!

I've had the best luck with these using grayscale textures around 50% gray, however, using them on colors will also supply some interesting results.  The black is a little tricky and the really saturated bright ones are...really saturated and bright, but I've kept the actions in layers so you can change individual settings.

Now for the rules: Use and abuse them, tweak them to your heart's content - just don't claim them as your own.  Credit is appreciated but not required.

Download from!

To use: place in your C:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop/Presets/Actions and load into your Actions palette to use.

So...plans for future versions:

  1. Level out the saturated ones so they aren't so texture-eating.
  2. Fix the black so it's universally easier to use.
  3. Arrange them by color families and separate the downloads that way.
  4. Add more Hex colors as I go.


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First content upload for your simming pleasure - The Fire Temple!  A collection of walls and floors for your fiery Sim creations, or just Sims who like red and orange for the Sims 2. :)

14 fabulous walls...

And lots of fabulous floors (most of these have at least 2 sizes)...


More fabulousness! )


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