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A present for you!  (I was going to wait until I reached 25 Simblr followers, but eh.)

Part 1 of several.  I’m going to work through the Maxis recolors first.

18 new colors of Maxis’ Advanced Clapboard Sidings with plain, right accent, and left accent versions.  That makes for 54 new walls!  Also, as you can see from the color swatch, the accent piece matches the siding instead of being white.  I love white accents, but Gossamer Glen isn’t so shiny. 

Shown is Boston Brick on a craptacular Maxis house.  There's a couple of other pics at my Simblr.

All files all labeled and compressorized, and a collection file is included.

Happy Downloading! 
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Deatherella was my Super Blind Date. As much fun as I had, I probably won't volunteer for two people again. I about drove my husband nuts. However, I am getting a new computer TODAY so it will be mine, all mine and I won't have to share Photoshop with him anymore.

Anyway, here are the things I made her. I'm particularly happy with the Sims Store Spooky recolors, because I had been wanting such for myself for a long time. Always better to make gifts that you yourself would enjoy too, I think.

I really had a blast making the kid's clothes too. I had no idea how much fun that would be.

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It's finished!  I've actually had these done for a couple of weeks - I just needed to get in-game pictures and make my color palette.  This will probably be my final set as I will be working on my superhero Hood, New Gothopolis, and the Secret Santa exchange at GoS.  I might come back to it later, but four big wallpaper collections is plenty for this project.


I went a little crazy with the colors - 39 in all.  There's a good range from totally ostentatious to a more typical-looking color, although none are as muted as Adalia.  Another set made from my Hexalicious! actions.

I really really like the way these look in game, so how about some examples?

I love damask in a dining room.  Probably why I made two dining rooms for my screenshots.

A sitting room.

And another dining room.
Now to the downloads!  As usual, everything's been labeled and Compressorized, and I've included an optional Collection file (now with my nifty new icon if you want to use it).
Have fun with it!

Picture Credits
Vita Sims
iCad's fabulous floors
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Gee, what have I been doing lately?  Um...making wallpaper and downloading a billion furniture sets.  Yep.  But here's another damask set for you.

Introducing Desire, a massively huge damask pattern with a thoroughly uninspired kick moulding.  20 colors, all in Brights.  I imagine I'll make others in the more muted colors soon.

These were all made with Hexalicious! and tweaked to make the reverses.  Please forgive the stupid naming.  The "Fields" should actually be the other set, but I was in a hurry and didn't bother changing it.  At least you can tell them apart.

Now for screenshots:

Ooh, I made a dining room this time.

Wish my bathroom was that pretty.

And the obligatory bedroom shot.
Download time!  The wallpapers have all been Compressorized and labeled, as always.  A package file is included but will be updated when I finish the next set with this pattern.
Picture Credits
Vita Sims
Holy Simoly


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So the damask crazy has begun.  I'll get right to it.

Introducing my second damask patterned wallpaper - Nikita!  Nikita is another more traditional styled pattern, but I opted for a little creativity and made the majority of the colors opposite toned.  This makes a really cool effect if you're into the really saturated bright shades, and it also looks fantastic with more subdued hues.  I made 32 crazy colors.  I could have kept going.  Again, I used Hexalicious!, heavily tweaked by changing all the settings after running the action.

At least 32 is an even number?

So, how do they look in-game?  Quite nice, I think.

Good for Oriental styles...

...fancy European styles...

...and possibly the most hideous kitchen I've ever created.  I love it, though.  :)
So onto the downloads!  All textures have been compressorized and properly labeled, so you can delete any you're not fond of.  All 32 colors are in this file as well as the collections package so you can keep track of them.

As always, ENJOY!

Picture credits
Pillar things by Holy Simoly


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Me again, bringing you new pretties to clog your downloads folder.

I have discovered I have a texture problem, as in I must own several hundred at a time.  I keep making DVDs so I can clear off my hard drive, and then I go download another hundred.  So imagine my joy when I discovered Wallpaper Direct, a fantastic site with real wallpaper you can buy (that I want to cover my house in) and that has already made seamless textures of most of their products.  I was ecstatic.  Naturally, I was there most of the day, gleefully filling my hard drive with pretty wallpapers - primarily damask.

I'm not a girly-girl and I consider damask wallpaper to be pretty girly, but damn I love it.  Too much Thief back in the day.

So, I bring to you my latest project: {Damask on Demand}! 

My first pattern was called Adalia, and it's a typical-styled damask.  And then I made it in a bunch of wacky colors.


And some less wacky colors for the more traditional approach:

These were heavily tweaked using my Hexalicious! actions, which annoy me more every day.  I'll probably be updating them soon, I hope.  And now for some pretty screencaps:

I plan on creating more damask pattern sets like this and then just adding them to this project.  When I'm done, I hope I never have to download another damask pattern again (I already have LOTS of custom ones already, so here's to hoping).

Now for the downloads!  I've separated out the Brights and Muted colors as well as a separate Collections file.  The Collections file has all of them in it, so you can use it or not.  The textures have all been Compressorized and labeled.
As always, ENJOY!

Picture credits:
Ophelia Bathroom set by Adele

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First content upload for your simming pleasure - The Fire Temple!  A collection of walls and floors for your fiery Sim creations, or just Sims who like red and orange for the Sims 2. :)

14 fabulous walls...

And lots of fabulous floors (most of these have at least 2 sizes)...


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