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Me again, bringing you new pretties to clog your downloads folder.

I have discovered I have a texture problem, as in I must own several hundred at a time.  I keep making DVDs so I can clear off my hard drive, and then I go download another hundred.  So imagine my joy when I discovered Wallpaper Direct, a fantastic site with real wallpaper you can buy (that I want to cover my house in) and that has already made seamless textures of most of their products.  I was ecstatic.  Naturally, I was there most of the day, gleefully filling my hard drive with pretty wallpapers - primarily damask.

I'm not a girly-girl and I consider damask wallpaper to be pretty girly, but damn I love it.  Too much Thief back in the day.

So, I bring to you my latest project: {Damask on Demand}! 

My first pattern was called Adalia, and it's a typical-styled damask.  And then I made it in a bunch of wacky colors.


And some less wacky colors for the more traditional approach:

These were heavily tweaked using my Hexalicious! actions, which annoy me more every day.  I'll probably be updating them soon, I hope.  And now for some pretty screencaps:

I plan on creating more damask pattern sets like this and then just adding them to this project.  When I'm done, I hope I never have to download another damask pattern again (I already have LOTS of custom ones already, so here's to hoping).

Now for the downloads!  I've separated out the Brights and Muted colors as well as a separate Collections file.  The Collections file has all of them in it, so you can use it or not.  The textures have all been Compressorized and labeled.
As always, ENJOY!

Picture credits:
Ophelia Bathroom set by Adele


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