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I decided to do Fire as my first JLU Sim, since I hadn't seen one until I went hunting through Synaptic Sim's Member Forum today.  D'oh. 

It's okay.  I'm neurotic and want to do it myself.

To prove that I am actually working on her, I took some in-progress shots.  Making Sims is difficult when you have a toddler and an infant, since I'm either keeping my son from throwing things in the toilet or holding on to my 20 lbs. 5-month old.  It's incredibly difficult to draw with a pad this way.  Surfing the 'net?  Yeah, I only need one hand for that.  Using Photoshop?  Both hands, please.

I started out compiling outifts from a Black Canary Sim I got from Insimenator and one of Synaptic's Batgirls, but I've just started painting over everything myself because...did I mention I'm neurotic?  And I already want to do an alternate outfit based on an H&M mesh too, and I haven't even finished the really really basic outfit.  I'm so lame.

Really easy outfit.  I'm doing the JLU cartoon version and I've already spent a day on it.  I'm rather proud of it so far with my hand painting and all.

Her face is pretty well done.  I'm sure I'll change my mind because I made it first.  Also, I retextured Newsea's Night Bloom with Nymphy's curl mesh and LOVED IT HARDCORE, so I'll probably get distracted and make an entire Pooklet set for that.  Actually, I will do that.  It's too pretty not to.

Oh, and I downloaded Pyxis' Venice skins earlier this week and WOW are they gorgeous.  I make pretty Sims, but with her skin blends they are drop dead gorgeous.  See what I mean?

I'll probably make her hair more turquoise than this, but I haven't decided that fully yet.  Earrings and headband to come.  But she's beautiful, no?  And note the pretty hair texture...

So yes.  Just a brief update.  This is going to take forever.


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