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Good news, everyone!

The other day, I was doing yet another search for extracted textures from THIEF to no avail, but I ran across something even better.  This awesome person named C-Beam had updated all the textures for Thief II: The Metal Age in high-res glory!  These are the ones I've been fiddling with myself for the Imbris Analects project, and now they're all here and beautiful and all I have to do is the "put them in the Sims" part.

SO!  I made something for the Conversion Immersion Garden of Shadows event using these new beauties - the Art Deco collection!  Now you can have proper Mechanist cathedrals.

You can find it here.

I'll eventually get things reorganized here and also on the Simblr, but that's where it is for now.

In other news, Steam ran an Eidos-palooza sale, so I snagged THIEF for under $8 - for the specific purpose of extracting stuff.  The game won't even run on this machine.  After a half day of fiddling with various extractors, I found one that works, so there might be a slew of THIEF conversions coming too.  If I'm feeling brave, I might even fiddle with a mesh or two.  HA HA HA HA.
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This is a Master post for my Thief conversion project, "The Imbris Analects".

Part One - Damask Wallpapers
Part Two - Golden Wood
Part Three - Red Wood
Part Four - Dark Wood
Part Five - Orange Wood
Part Six - Exotic Wood
Part Seven - Noble Flooring and Ceiling

Also coming: The Forgotten Library, Stone and Brick, and something involving textures slaved to Buggybooz's Niches and everything attached with that.

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 I think these look pretty good in game (not fantastic, but their original resolution is half what's needed for Sims).  I hope you can find some use for them.  I fiddled with them a lot.  8 ceiling tiles and 8 wall panels.

The Imbris Analects Part Two - Golden Wood

Credit: Looking Glass Studios,

More details at the Simblr.
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You all know I love the Thief games.  If you didn't, now you do.

Have some pretty things.

Imbris Analects Part One - Damask Wallapers

Credits: Looking Glass Studios, Curious B, Awesims, Aelia, and Goat.

More details at the Simblr.


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