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Brazilwood test textures and colors.

From left: Brazilwood, Brazilwood (Dark), Brazilwood (Light), Brazilwood + Copper, Brazilwood + Tin, Brazilwood + Alum, and Brazilwood + Iron.

This was more of a Renaissance pigment as it was brought back from the Americas by the Portuguese, but whatever.  It was very popular in the 15th and 16th centuries so I'm including it.  I can't be 100% historically accurate anyway, and look at all the pretty colors you can make with it!

I'm a getting a rhythm down.  The rest will go pretty fast as long as I'm not just making up the colors.  I will be doing that for some.
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Oh, you guys, I am so excited by this.


From left to right: Alkanet, Alkanet (Dark), Alkanet (Light), Alkanet + Copper, Alkanet + Tin, Alkanet + Alum, Alkanet + Iron

This is the first dye I've done.  Alkanet (alkanna tinctoria) is a plant native to the Mediterranean region that has a dark red root used for dye.  The dye is not very soluble in water and will fade with washing or exposure to sunlight.

I could go into a lot of information about mordanting fabrics, various dyeing methods, and the coloration differing between types of fabric used, but I think I won't.  

Eventually, with more of the actions, you could feasibly interpret a color over-dyed with another by running multiple actions on the same thing.  For instance, the alkanet overdyed with an indigo would make a fabulous dark blue-violet.  This will allow tons more color options just like the actual dyeing process.  Think of the possibilities!


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