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 I think these look pretty good in game (not fantastic, but their original resolution is half what's needed for Sims).  I hope you can find some use for them.  I fiddled with them a lot.  8 ceiling tiles and 8 wall panels.

The Imbris Analects Part Two - Golden Wood

Credit: Looking Glass Studios,

More details at the Simblr.
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The model conversions are still a work in progress.  Like I said, I've never done any meshing before in my life, so believe me, I'm happy as a clam that I got something to show up in the game even though the textures are still all screwed up.  Woo hoo!

But, I'm releasing the walls and floors today anyway!


All previews were taken in-game, so you can see how purty they are.  Here's everything you get!




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Hooray!  Christmas in July is on at Garden of Shadows, and everything that's been shared so far is magnificent.  This was a lot of fun and I look forward to the next one.

Moderra was my Secret Santee, and I gifted her with a Maxis recolor of the Bohemian set from Apartment Life that, in my opinion, was not very Bohemian.  Sure, the lines and shapes were good, but the colors were lacking.  And no patterns whatsoever.  So I fixed it.  Introducing...

Cut for many many pictures... )Cut for many many pictures... )
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First content upload for your simming pleasure - The Fire Temple!  A collection of walls and floors for your fiery Sim creations, or just Sims who like red and orange for the Sims 2. :)

14 fabulous walls...

And lots of fabulous floors (most of these have at least 2 sizes)...


More fabulousness! )


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