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Hooray!  Christmas in July is on at Garden of Shadows, and everything that's been shared so far is magnificent.  This was a lot of fun and I look forward to the next one.

Moderra was my Secret Santee, and I gifted her with a Maxis recolor of the Bohemian set from Apartment Life that, in my opinion, was not very Bohemian.  Sure, the lines and shapes were good, but the colors were lacking.  And no patterns whatsoever.  So I fixed it.  Introducing...

I picked the color palette from a fabric swatch I found on the internet, and then proceeded to make every pattern used in this collection on  If you're somehow unfamiliar to ColourLovers, I highly recommend it for hours of time wasting.  I'm Dark Priestess over there.  I searched for some suitably Bohemian-esque patterns that others had made and applied my colors to them.  Much fun.  So now you can use this collection and make this:

I made all the sets separate in case someone didn't want to download everything together, but here's the listing of everything you can get.

There's also a new Collection file for the walls and floors.

These nearly destroyed and discouraged me, but now even the single beds look fairly nice.  Not perfect, but good enough for me.

The patterned cushions also look nice with the basic wood tones from the original set too!

Also, there are recolors of just the shelf and just the vase.  In case you wanted to mix and match a little more.

And quite possibly my favorite part, which was an afterthought once everything else was completed.  I was like, "I need art!"
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