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I've gone ahead and created and posted the entirety of the prologue of my Sims 2 Legacy starring comic book characters on my website here:  I plan on posting the remainder of the comics one page at a time so I can maximize the procrastination.

However, since I've been fiddling with the actual website for two days, that means I don't have any more comics to post quite yet.  I hope the first 21 pages can tide people over until then, as well as the outtakes.

I plan on getting some play time in today.  Here's to hoping.  And here's a title page.  :)

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I've started my superhero hood.  I made several cute little affordable houses and moved my first generation sims in.  I'll do another post with pictures since I haven't yet taken any.  Each house has been played for the first five days to give my sims a head start in everything.  Not that it will do them much good.

Hilariousness thus far:
  • The Green Arrow, who is my official Gen Zero, rolled the LTW to have 20 Simultaneous Lovers.  Since I have Almighty_Hat's Proportional Age thing installed, I'm going to let him do it.  Starfire was the first victim...I mean consenting adult.
  • He also was the first Sim to set fire to the stove.  On day one.  With two cooking points.  None of my other five houses had this problem.  He really is made of fail.
  • I downloaded Pyxis' geneticized and townified defaults of her Venice skins, including the supernatural ones.  I've already seen the zombie one turn up twice - one on a guy whom Psylocke brought home from work and the other on the Matchmaker.  Perfect.
  • Namor the Sub-Mariner and Starfire have something going on.  It's been all autonomous, but damn kids, get a room.  Except for Oliver seducing her, of course.  Oops.
  • Namor also wrote a novel, which totally bombed.  He took the phone call and then trudged up to bed.  I laughed and laughed.
  • With the amount of flashing blue accessories I have going on with this first group of Sims, I'm thinking about making everyone in plain-clothes.  I really do not want to have to edit almost everything single item in SimPE to get it to work, nor do I want to have to dig through my overstuffed accessories folder  every time I load one of the Sims with the problem.  Ugh.  Every time I start one of these projects, I end up finding 100 extra things I have to do before I can really get started.
So that's it in a nutshell thus far.  I'm hoping today the fun really will begin.

EDIT:  Because I'm crazy, I went ahead and edited two of the annoying meshes in SimPE and they're now working properly.  I have three more to do now, and as many as I find when I start bringing in another premade Sims.  Blah.


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