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Hello and welcome to my new little corner of the web. I have to admit, I am a Sims junkie, but not in the "playing the Sims" kind of way. I do all my creative stuff in the game, from making my role-playing characters as Sims to designing pretty things to spending two weeks on building a single house. Rarely does any actual game play happen.

I am also a custom content hoarder. I have DVDs of custom content backed up, because every time I load this game back into my computer, I swear I won't download that much. At my worst I had a 7 GB of downloads, which meant after a 25 minute loading screen, I still couldn't play the game. But since I was just making pretties, it didn't bother me so much.

So, as a long-time lurker on most of the forums of free content, I've decided to start giving back to the community. So many Sims 2 sites are gone now, and I know this game still has legs. I won't be moving on to Sims 3 any time soon, unless I magically get a brand new computer, so there isn't that worry either. I have to say a tremendous "THANK YOU" to everyone who's made custom stuff for the Sims. You are all an inspiration.

I hope you guys enjoy my stuff.

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More for keeping track myself - I never know how many things I actually have going on at once.

Recolors of Cynnix TSM crown conversions - I've dropped my medieval hood, so I have less use for them now.  I still plan on finishing them.

Medieval Dye Actions - Again, with no medieval hood, I've lost a lot of momentum here.  However, I think they still will have useful application as color actions for creators.  I'm about a third done and am still fiddling with making them layerable.  Completed!
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Hey all.

Just a heads up that things are going to look a little bare around here.  I'm dropping my web host at the end of the month, and I have dozens upon dozens of pictures hosted there that will cease to be.

Fear not!  I have backups of everything; I just need to reroute ALL THE LINKS.  *dies*

Also, none of my downloads are going away, as they are hosted elsewhere.  Just wanted you all to know I'm not dead. 
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Good news, everyone!

The other day, I was doing yet another search for extracted textures from THIEF to no avail, but I ran across something even better.  This awesome person named C-Beam had updated all the textures for Thief II: The Metal Age in high-res glory!  These are the ones I've been fiddling with myself for the Imbris Analects project, and now they're all here and beautiful and all I have to do is the "put them in the Sims" part.

SO!  I made something for the Conversion Immersion Garden of Shadows event using these new beauties - the Art Deco collection!  Now you can have proper Mechanist cathedrals.

You can find it here.

I'll eventually get things reorganized here and also on the Simblr, but that's where it is for now.

In other news, Steam ran an Eidos-palooza sale, so I snagged THIEF for under $8 - for the specific purpose of extracting stuff.  The game won't even run on this machine.  After a half day of fiddling with various extractors, I found one that works, so there might be a slew of THIEF conversions coming too.  If I'm feeling brave, I might even fiddle with a mesh or two.  HA HA HA HA.
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Over a year ago, I came up with the idea for Photoshop actions based on natural dyeing methods.  I was aiming for the more historical side of the Simming community, but I think they' could be useful to anyone.  I researched old dyeing techniques as well as modern, learned about the different kinds of mordants to pretreat your textiles and how they influenced the final color, discovered what fabrics dye well and what doesn't, and just where all these wacky dyes came from.

And I won't bore you with all those details.

I changed the name from 'medieval dyes' to 'natural dyes' as some of these aren't specifically medieval, and of course, depending on the part of the world you live in you might have access to dyestuffs that others don't.  These are all historically represented at some point or another.  The cool thing is you can still use these methods and dyes today, which is how this set came to be.  I found examples of the colors (and the mordants used) usually in hand-dyed yarns and from there I simply used the color dropper tool to select what colors I wanted to use in the actions.  These are as close as I could possibly come to representing these dyes (with a little interpretation in the rest of the actions, of course) without dyeing things myself and taking my own pictures.  On the credits page, you can see what links I used for the colors themselves, as well as a bunch of links to historical dye information or even dye products you can buy.

These are made for dark textures.  I had velvets firmly in mind when I made these (and I built them on Sherahbim's textures so yeah) but any mid-to-dark level texture should come up with pleasing results.  The color swatches were all run on a square of #333333.  You can also run these on black and still get very muted colors.  So, if you're looking to use these for light cottons and what not, you'll simply want to "Step Backward" after running the action and tweak the individual settings to get the vibrancy you're looking for.  I've included a tutorial on how to do so if you've never actually messed with actions in this way before (I take apart everything and use nothing as-is, but that's just how I am), and also how to do a basic overdye, where you run one action and then run a second color over it.  The results of that are obviously not going to be authentic, but you might come up with an awesome color you'll want to recreate later.

14 different dye types with five different mordants each = 70 new colors to play with!  Here's what you get:

Shadowfell's Natural Dye Actions swatch

Before I plop up the download link, I wanted to talk about some more credit-type things.  Inspirations as you will (these are all on the credits page as well).

First off, these would never have come to be without the great inspiration of [personal profile] hat_plays_sims, better known as The Almighty Hat.  She makes such lovely historically accurate (as possible) beautiful clothing, hairs, defaults, etc. for the medieval side of things and I wanted to dedicate this set to her.  You rock, Hat.

Secondly, to Pooklet, CuriousB, Aelia, Anna, Shastakiss, Trapping, AlfredAskew and the dozens of others who have either made color actions or palettes for us Simmers to use.  It's great to have so many quality resources available in the community and I think you're all awesome.

Now on to the download stuffs.  The files includes the actions file, a .pdf tutorial on how to use them (and some rambly historical bits at the beginning - not much), a couple of color swatches (the one above and a second set done on a very dark leather texture), and a text file with credit information (the last page of the tutorial has these too). 

Policy wise - my standard thing applies.  No paysites, no claiming as your own, otherwise go nuts.


Edit: Hex Chart available HERE for GIMP users. 
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</end sarcasm>

If you’re trying to convert clothing and Milkshape can’t find the bone file, this is what it looks like.  So then how do I figure out where the shoulder joints are?

And after much other stupidity, I have this.  So it's something.

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This is a Master post for my Thief conversion project, "The Imbris Analects".

Part One - Damask Wallpapers
Part Two - Golden Wood
Part Three - Red Wood
Part Four - Dark Wood
Part Five - Orange Wood
Part Six - Exotic Wood
Part Seven - Noble Flooring and Ceiling

Also coming: The Forgotten Library, Stone and Brick, and something involving textures slaved to Buggybooz's Niches and everything attached with that.

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 Or anyone else who wants to tackle these.

I downloaded a crap ton of extracted models and textures from Bioshock from before they locked all the forums from non-members.  If anyone would like to download these and poke around with them in whatever meshing program they prefer, please be my guest!  I've been meaning to get back to these myself. 

Warning: These are pretty big .rar files.

Bioshock - Arcadia - 325 MB
Bioshock - Fisheries - 331 MB
Bioshock - Lighthouse - 196 MB
Bioshock - Medical - 308 MB
Bioshock - Welcome - 289 MB
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 I think these look pretty good in game (not fantastic, but their original resolution is half what's needed for Sims).  I hope you can find some use for them.  I fiddled with them a lot.  8 ceiling tiles and 8 wall panels.

The Imbris Analects Part Two - Golden Wood

Credit: Looking Glass Studios,

More details at the Simblr.
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You all know I love the Thief games.  If you didn't, now you do.

Have some pretty things.

Imbris Analects Part One - Damask Wallapers

Credits: Looking Glass Studios, Curious B, Awesims, Aelia, and Goat.

More details at the Simblr.
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So I needed a bright yellow recolor of this particular hair for a Sim I'm building, and I said, "What the hell, I'll do all 40 of Pooklet's colors and make it a present."

True story.

These are retextured in the infamous Nymphy Curls (which are one of my favorite textures ever) and recolored in all 40 of Pooklet's actions.  The Naturals are properly binned and familied (and will show up as such), elders will go gray and the files are linked to the blacks.  The Customs are properly eye-searing and awesome.  All files are labeled and Compressorized.  Mesh is included and enabled for all ages.

Masses of credits:

JulieJ for the mesh
Nouk, Nymphy, Pooklet, Pinketamine for the curls texture
Pooklet for the color actions
CatOfEvilGenius for the Color Binning Tool
Simtroverted for pointing out a various obvious fact that led me to figure out why my files weren't working properly

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 I made things!  I really need to post more here then on Simblr (said every Simblr EVER) so here's my Secret Santa gift to Arget at GoS for 2013!

First up is a retexture of Sizz's sweater mesh.  You can grab the mesh at MTS if you don't already have it.  I retextured the sweater, added some little details, and slapped on some Aikea jeans textures because they're my favorite.  It comes in 8 colors, 4 different jeans textures, and looks quite smashing on the lads.  In the download, there are two folders to choose from: Outerwear or Casual + Outerwear.  Pick which one you'd like.  AM only.

Next we have Lyholy's Suede Jacket mesh for the ladies.  The mesh is included in this download.  I re-alphaed and retextured the sweater, slapped more Aikea textures on the jeans, and combined different colors for jacket and sweater.  The jacket texture is Lyholy's original.  Same options available, enabled for Outerwear only or Outerwear and Casual.


Then I made some eyes.  I now understand why people who make eyes have trouble stopping.  It's really kind of fun.

Anyway, these are from Mouseyblue's Lucky Eye Mix collection, the one called "Bat".  I retextured them some myself and used AlfredAskew's adjusted schlera that she had graciously built into an uber-psd file for editing.  40 fabulous colors named from The Forge because why not?  They're custom only.

Finally, I recolored Buggybooz's Craftsman set (love this set) using Goat's "Pecan" wood texture and twelve of Pooklet's Natural colors.  The armchair's have patterns from Paper Street Designs, the sofa has a worn leather texture, and the dining chairs have both kinds of patterns available.  I made the fabric colors to match the patterns.  I didn't recolor the fireplace, but that was the only thing from the set I didn't do.  Meshes are included.

Wood colors:


Pattern swatches:

Leather swatches:


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 I made a thing.  


The mesh is included and all files compressorized.  More pics here.

Now I am anxiously awaiting my Secret Santee in checking GoS every hour or so.  :P
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What if the Avengers were sucked into an alternate reality where they had to build civilization from scratch?

Well, then you'd have STARKTROPOLIS, my superhero BACC based more on less on nepheris' ruleset.  I've taken all the CC out of my game when I was making walls and stuff, so I uploaded some Synaptic Sim's superheroes and my defaults and voila!  

No storytelling here, although the ruleset I'm using is built for a more storytelling chassis.  I'm just taking hilarious pictures of superheroes in costume doing mundane things because it amuses me.  

The households will be rotated as follows:

Iron Man / Pepper Potts (founder)
Ant-Man / Wasp
Spiderman / Thor / Hulk / Captain America
Black Widow / Hawkeye
The Fantastic Four 

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A present for you!  (I was going to wait until I reached 25 Simblr followers, but eh.)

Part 1 of several.  I’m going to work through the Maxis recolors first.

18 new colors of Maxis’ Advanced Clapboard Sidings with plain, right accent, and left accent versions.  That makes for 54 new walls!  Also, as you can see from the color swatch, the accent piece matches the siding instead of being white.  I love white accents, but Gossamer Glen isn’t so shiny. 

Shown is Boston Brick on a craptacular Maxis house.  There's a couple of other pics at my Simblr.

All files all labeled and compressorized, and a collection file is included.

Happy Downloading! 
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 I've gone and made one of those Simblr things.  There are pretty things there.

EDIT: Grammar, dear.  Ugh, I hate typing things when I'm sleep deprived.
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So in the midst of my previously on hold project of Amberlin and now Adventures In Crowby, I've started something else.

I have a problem with starting projects.

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Did I mark that last one as 1.1?  I'm already confused.

Chapter 1.1 - Shaping the Future - In which we see James gearing up for promotions and an important proposal.

Previous Chapters
Chapter 1.0 - Unexpected Gift
Chapter 0 - The Intro
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 I figured I'd post these in order, although you can blast through from the beginning if you want.

Chapter 1.0 - Unexpected Gift - Speed dating at its finest!  James meets his true love in less than six hours of living here!

Previous Chapters:
Chapter 0 - The Intro


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