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Hello and welcome to my new little corner of the web. I have to admit, I am a Sims junkie, but not in the "playing the Sims" kind of way. I do all my creative stuff in the game, from making my role-playing characters as Sims to designing pretty things to spending two weeks on building a single house. Rarely does any actual game play happen.

I am also a custom content hoarder. I have DVDs of custom content backed up, because every time I load this game back into my computer, I swear I won't download that much. At my worst I had a 7 GB of downloads, which meant after a 25 minute loading screen, I still couldn't play the game. But since I was just making pretties, it didn't bother me so much.

So, as a long-time lurker on most of the forums of free content, I've decided to start giving back to the community. So many Sims 2 sites are gone now, and I know this game still has legs. I won't be moving on to Sims 3 any time soon, unless I magically get a brand new computer, so there isn't that worry either. I have to say a tremendous "THANK YOU" to everyone who's made custom stuff for the Sims. You are all an inspiration.

I hope you guys enjoy my stuff.

My policy is pretty open.  Please don't upload my things to pay sites and please don't claim as your own.  Feel free to use, abuse, recolor, or retexture - use on your Sims, in your Lots, and any story-telling purposes you want.  Credit is always appreciated but not required.  Have fun!

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