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I have one more damask wallpaper to photograph in game, make pictures for, and gather up for downloads.  I started trying to make a swatch pic the other day, ended up having to write everything out and cross it off as I went, and I still ended up missing some.  :P  I got frustrated and gave up for the time being.  But there's one more in the works; don't worry.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, I started a legacy on Boolprop which only technically reached Gen 2.  The problem was I was having so much fun making up stories that I sort of got side-tracked.  Plus, the wife of my Gen 2 heir had that obnoxious "6 kids through college" lifetime want, so there were a lot of kids.  I think I stopped at seven?

Sounds pretty boring, right?  Just your typical legacy and all.

But it was about SUPERHEROES. 

I downloaded all the Marvel and DC comics characters I could find from everywhere.  They didn't even have to be good-looking Sims.  Heroes, villains, the works.  And it was the most fun I've ever had playing the game.  I don't often actually play the game, so this was a surprise to me.  IF you're bored and have an hour or so, you can go read the 12 Chapters of the Super Legacy I have up on the Exchange.  It's still hilarious to me.

I also had a run with the Asylum Challenge featuring Gotham's Finest and Those Weirdos Who Hang Out In Arkham All The Time, but it never was actually recorded.  That and technically I lost twice; once from Batman catching on fire and the second because he was out playing in puddles in a rainstorm and was struck dead by lightning.  I cheated and made the Joker plead for his life.  It was so worth it.

Last week I decided I wanted to try again with my original legacy idea - every generation heir has to marry the opposite comic company.  And I have to start again with Green Arrow, because Olly makes me laugh so hard.  I've also had the itch to make this legacy an actual comic book, which means lots of extra work for me.  So I've been gearing up, exploding my downloads folder with hundreds of accessories (oh Lord, the superhero accessories) and all these Sims.

I haven't decided if I'll post the comic here or on my Sims site, which is still Under Construction anyway.  I also have to start actually playing to make this work.  

Yesterday, I was compiling my Excel spreadsheet of everyone I have Sims of (because I'm organized like that - ha) and was again highly disappointed at the lack of DC Sims floating around on the internet.  Sure, there's Superman and Batman, all of the core Justice League, but I want the lame ones.  I want Vigilante and Shining Knight and Red Tornado.  (I have Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, thanks.  I love them both dearly).  So I've made up my mind to make more of the JLU for everyone's benefit and have them available here.  And maybe some more Batman villains.  Because can you EVER have too many Batman villains?  No.  Things may get a bit wacky around here; just fair warning.

Well, I'm off to use my Google-fu to dredge up costumes for these characters.


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