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 Amberlin, naturally, is already on hold because it's very time-consuming and also the theme I'm using doesn't want to work with the new Wordpress version.  :P

So, I've started ANOTHER project - Adventures in Crowby.  It's primarily supposed to be a writing exercise for me; I haven't written anything in years and it's something I enjoy.  I'm using the amazing Rory's Story Cubes for inspiration - before every chapter I'm rolling them and incorporating my results into the story...somehow.  It's also a Legacy story and a Build-A-City except that I'm not playing by the at all.  I'm trying to build the entire city of Crowby out of relatives of my founder.  Once he has children moving out, getting married, and starting their own families, I will then be switching to the BACC style and playing each household for the same amount of time.

If any of that sounds remotely interesting, you can check it out here:

Chapter 0 - The Intro - Where we introduce our test subject founder and show off his crappy house.

I have to jump in and edit his stats because I haven't yet.  Otherwise it's done.  So is Chapter 1.0.  I'm working on Chapter 1.1 now.  STUFF TO READ!!!

EDIT: And now Dreamwidth is bitching at me about my two post-dated entries, and I have to go edit THOSE before I can post this one.  Does that make sense TO ANYONE?!
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I am still sad that I missed the Christmas in July Exchange at GoS.  I completely, totally spaced it and didn't go to the site for a month.  Oops.  I hope to be back as a participant for Christmastime there.

In the meantime, I broke down and finally installed the Sims 3.  I've been playing an inventor/writer/tinkerer guy named Edgar Frankenmuffin and although I totally love him as a Sim - my love of the game is not so great.  Things are weird and glitchy and I really don't like the general LOOK of the game.  I also made a pact with myself that I WILL NOT DOWNLOAD CUSTOM CONTENT for it, since it chugs on my machine as it is.  After playing several weeks with Edgar in Moonlight Falls (of course I would want to play there!), I think can say "eh" to Sims 3.  I'll keep it on my computer, for now, but I'm not going to make stuff for it, nor am I going to embark on huge massive projects for it!
I do dig this guy, though.  He's amazing.

See how I set up that paragraph?  So clever.

In the "huge massive project" department, I've started a build-a-city challenge in Sims 2.  Kind of.  Sort of.  I've never been able to play any challenge EVER as written, and this is less about the challenge and more about telling a story.  I'm writing the story and illustrating it with the Sims, but how the game goes is going to influence the story.  In previous challenges or legacies, I always had trouble between "taking a bunch of pictures and making something up" and "controlling what goes on and making it all scripted."  I'm not much of a reality TV fan, if you couldn't tell.

I don't want to spoil anything, as I've only got the prelude up so far, but I'll probably be spending a lot of time with this.  That includes the possiblity of making custom stuff as I go, which I will gladly share with you lovely fellow simmers.  You can check out the website here @ Amberlin if you're interested in what I'm doing.

I am unreasonably proud of this house...and this picture.

I'm also still working on the Shadowfell Medieval Dye Actions, which are going less awesome as they were initially.  I don't think I'm really going to be able to make them able to overlap one another to do multi-dyes, and I'm thinking about leaving the actions with the multiple layers available for individual tweaking instead of flattening them.  Anyone have any thoughts on this?  Most of my photographer actions don't flatten the layers at the end, and most of the color actions I have do.  I think being able to make subtle changes as you go makes them far more versatile.  Otherwise, you can just Ctrl+Alt+Z to undo the last action like I do.  

Just a small update from me.  I've been stalking all of your journals and downloading your things, so I haven't gone too far.  :)

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 After a week of pounding my stupid head against SimPE for trying to slave a mesh to a master, I am taking a break.  Now I can't even get the smaller version to work as a completely separate mesh with no slaving at all!  ARGH!  

If all else fails, I have the master and several pretty recolors to release.

In other amusing news, my Antivirus has decided as of two days ago that "ZOMG HOMECRAFTER IS A VIRUS THING AND IT CAN'T DELETE IT" which makes me laugh and laugh.  Homecrafter has been sitting on my desktop for two months, stupid anti-virus.  I assure you it's pretty harmless.  But this is also the antivirus that decided to scan my ENTIRE iPod everytime I plug it in.  Because I'm likely to have viruses on it from...oh wait, I'm not sure how there would be viruses on it if I only use this computer with it.

Dumb dumb dumb.
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 I have a thing!


I'm so freaking excited right now.  Everything worked!  Sure, I had a little snag with the picture texture not showing up (easily fixed) and the original clipped with AL ceilings (another easy fix), but look at this thing.  WHEE!

And now I'm going to make a billion recolors for it.  :D
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The model conversions are still a work in progress.  Like I said, I've never done any meshing before in my life, so believe me, I'm happy as a clam that I got something to show up in the game even though the textures are still all screwed up.  Woo hoo!

But, I'm releasing the walls and floors today anyway!


All previews were taken in-game, so you can see how purty they are.  Here's everything you get!




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 Almost ready for release.  I just need to rename files, package stuff, and upload everything.  Yay!  These are the walls and floors, I'm going to be attempting to convert other stuff but at least I'll have Homecrafter goodies for the GoS monthly theme.

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 What is this?!  Did I just download several GIGS of Bioshock textures and models and junk?  I've never converted a model in my life, I don't know how to mesh, and yet, my harddrive is now full of...Rapture.  

At least I can get the pretty walls and floors converted for the Sims.

Anyone else know of any Bioshock conversions being done?  Google-fu has revealed little to nothing regarding Sims 2.
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Brazilwood test textures and colors.

From left: Brazilwood, Brazilwood (Dark), Brazilwood (Light), Brazilwood + Copper, Brazilwood + Tin, Brazilwood + Alum, and Brazilwood + Iron.

This was more of a Renaissance pigment as it was brought back from the Americas by the Portuguese, but whatever.  It was very popular in the 15th and 16th centuries so I'm including it.  I can't be 100% historically accurate anyway, and look at all the pretty colors you can make with it!

I'm a getting a rhythm down.  The rest will go pretty fast as long as I'm not just making up the colors.  I will be doing that for some.
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Oh, you guys, I am so excited by this.


From left to right: Alkanet, Alkanet (Dark), Alkanet (Light), Alkanet + Copper, Alkanet + Tin, Alkanet + Alum, Alkanet + Iron

This is the first dye I've done.  Alkanet (alkanna tinctoria) is a plant native to the Mediterranean region that has a dark red root used for dye.  The dye is not very soluble in water and will fade with washing or exposure to sunlight.

I could go into a lot of information about mordanting fabrics, various dyeing methods, and the coloration differing between types of fabric used, but I think I won't.  

Eventually, with more of the actions, you could feasibly interpret a color over-dyed with another by running multiple actions on the same thing.  For instance, the alkanet overdyed with an indigo would make a fabulous dark blue-violet.  This will allow tons more color options just like the actual dyeing process.  Think of the possibilities!

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So I started with metallic colors, because I was using them and thought others might too.  And the next thing I know, I'm browsing through dozens of websites about "natural dyed fabrics" using "materials from the middle ages" and collecting examples of dyed materials from leather to parchment to fabric to yarn so I can use the eyedropper tool on them.

While I'm becoming very well-versed on dyeing techniques and natural materials, you can be happy in knowing there will be another action set soon - for MEDIEVAL COLORS.  I have no idea how big this is going to get, but like most things I start researching, I'm finding it all very fascinating and the deeper I get, the more I want to know.  Needlesstosay, I'm probably going to have SETS of medieval colors based on the base dyes.  Or something.

I might be insane.

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 I come forth bearing gifts today!

Since I'm working on my crown recolors, I got to thinking - I haven't seen an action set made specifically with metallic colors in mind.  I'm going through the process of making my own anyway, so why not turn them into actions and share them with the Sims community?

So here they are: Shadowfell's Metallics!
Please excuse my crappy graphics.  I got all excited and then realized I haven't moved any of my fonts to my new computer yet.  So...standard Adobe crap fonts you get!

These were made in Photoshop CS6, but they should work at least down to CS.  I didn't use anything particular fancy or exciting, just a bunch of blending modes and occasional brightness tweaking.


And I built them ON Sherahbim's "Lady" dress (they will be so pretty when I'm done with them!), so here's another one of her textures from her "Royal" dress for another example (it's the underdress):
I already love them a lot.  I can see them getting a lot of use for my medieval stuff, but anything metal could benefit - jewelry, piercings, glasses, trims, etc.  I hope you guys can find some use for them too.


Photoshop users: Plop these in your Adobe/Photoshop/Presets/Actions folder and load your actions palette to use them.

Please do whatever you'd like with them; just don't claim them as you own.  Have fun!
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I am on my new computer and I love it to teeny tiny itsy bitsy little pieces. I have reloaded Sims 2 and a ridiculous amount of custom content and have full intentions of a long-running story ahead of me.

Then I got The Sims Medieval. Because, you know, I can RUN it on my new machine.

Overall opinion? Meh. It's cute in its own way, but I really can't get into it. I really dig the CAS stuff, though. Hardcore. Somewhere in the back of my mind is this stupid idea to figure out how to convert everything for the Sims 2. There's no way that's going to happen. I don't know how to mesh, and I know it isn't just a simple transition. There's been a lot of hair conversions and all the lovely build conversions, and there's a couple of clothing sets I've seen. I think Cynnix did both of them.

Speaking of Cynnix, she's amazing, phenomenal, and spectacular. Because she's converted all the crowns from TSM to Sims 2 over at Plumb Bob Keep.  This makes me dance with joy because I'm going to have a bunch of nobles and now they can have proper head gear.

I started on some recolors this afternoon because apparently I don't have ENOUGH custom content.  I'm tentatively planning on doing the same colors for multiple crowns; I'm not sure which ones I'll do yet.  I started with the King's Lion Crown, because it will look good on my royals.

Here's the current High King of Shael, Theobald Morgia, before he kicks off in like the first chapter, modelling my current works.
In gold:
 And in Nickel:

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My new computer should be here soon. NEW COMPUTER!!! YAY!!!

As much fun as I've had with ol' Lucky here (yes, I name all my computers - others in the household are Blinky and Twitchy), he was really neat in 2004 and well, that was nine years ago. We've had some good times together as well as bad. It took me forever to get a video card originally that would run RCT 2. That same video card waited until I was deeply embroiled in WoW before crapping out the week my husband was in Vancouver and I was a sad panda. The next replacement has somehow held up through everything else. He's had RAM upgraded. I put in a new power supply when the old one crapped out two and a half years ago.

I have wasted countless hours in the Sims 2 on this machine.

Even though my new computer will actually be able to handle Sims 3, I don't see myself switching over any time soon, for those who might care. There's so much medievaly steampunky stuff for Sims 2 that I'd hate to just have to start all over in a new game. :P

Now if only the UPS guy would get here...

Oh, and I have been downloading a bazillion things today, knowing my new computer can handle all this custom content better. Is there a Sims Download Anonymous? Because there seriously needs to be. I'm not only the president; I'm also a client.
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Deatherella was my Super Blind Date. As much fun as I had, I probably won't volunteer for two people again. I about drove my husband nuts. However, I am getting a new computer TODAY so it will be mine, all mine and I won't have to share Photoshop with him anymore.

Anyway, here are the things I made her. I'm particularly happy with the Sims Store Spooky recolors, because I had been wanting such for myself for a long time. Always better to make gifts that you yourself would enjoy too, I think.

I really had a blast making the kid's clothes too. I had no idea how much fun that would be.

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It also just occurred to me that I never posted my Secret Santa gift either.  Oops. 

So!  Here is my 2012 Secret Santa gift to FoxManic also.  There are clothes, accessory eyelashes, and skintones. 

P.S. Dreamwidth, I know I've bitched about this before, but seriously.  If I have to physically fix your damn "</cut>" tags because you just stick them somewhere in my message, you suck.  I learned HTML because of screw-ups like this.  Anyway...

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Well, my Valentine's things got set on the back burner and then some because of the Blind Date event at Garden of Shadows.  I not only went a little ballistic with my Blind Date's gift, I then was asked to be a Super Blind Date for someone who's date had to drop out.  Of course I accepted and then proceeded to go absolutely bug nuts (and even spent a couple of days in a soda-free haze of headaches, since I gave up the bubbly stuff for Lent this year) for the second maybe I'll get back to it sometime?

Yeah right.  Like the RE house that I have to start over.  :P

Anyway, I wanted to share Alfie's gift with anyone who might want it (who's not on GoS, I guess) since it's a boatload of medieval clothes.  The color scheme is gray/silver/green since that's what she wanted for her particularly 'hood, but I think they would work well for any medieval game.  And did I mention there's a boatload of them? 

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Lately, I've been hoarding collecting digital scrapbooking materials again, much to the chagrin of my poor little harddrive.  And since Valentine's Day is coming, I thought I'd make some Sims pretties.  Here's a sneak peek!  This set is on Ohbehave's Trick or Treat mesh.

More goodies coming soon!

Paper Street Designs
dA artists amazeedveehudgens and ohsheisgaga

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I'm already revising the mansion in my head as I go.  I really scaled everything down to fit, about half size, and it's bothering me.  Most of the hallways are only one-tile wide, and the dining room is just tragic looking.  I've resigned to finish this one, though, by removing ALL my custom content from the game so I'm not categorically sorting things for my custom version.  I WILL finish it and make it downloadable.  :D

Scale problems aside, I'm really happy about how things look at this point.

Some more screenshots:

Gallery, 1st Floor, East Wing

Dining Hall, 1st Floor, West Wing

Dining Hall, 2nd Floor (though technically 3rd in my version), West Wing

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I'm working on my first lot I will make available for download.  It's nowhere near finished yet, but I'm really really excited about it.  Sneak peek.

I started playing through the Resident Evil remake for the Gamecube again last week, and I'm having so much fun with it I decided I needed to build the mansion in the Sims...because that's the logical next step, right?

I managed to fit the entire house on the largest lot and keep everything to scale.  Granted, it's a lot smaller than it is in the game, but all the rooms are there.  

My biggest challenge?  I'm doing this without custom content.


I will probably end up doing a version packed to the gills with custom content anyway.

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So last night, my brain decided to bother me.  It does this from time to time - keeping me awake as I'm planning out the details for some ridiculous project.  What did I suggest I start working on?

Rainbow Brite in the Sims.

From researching the internet this morning, I realize that they have in fact re-released Rainbow Brite in 2009 (since everything I watched as a kid on TV is now popular again), but of course, the re-release leaves me  Just like Strawberry Shortcake, they've sort of slapped a few years on her and made her more sexy - but they kept the majority of her original doofy costume.  Weird.  Plus, they ditched all the Color Kids except Tickle Me Pink and Moonglow. 

So, here's what I'm proposing.  Dear Lord, help me.
  • A custom neighborhood (Rainbow Land).  I'll have to dig through my old books for accuracy's sake, but of course, I'm going to make stuff up.
  • Modernize Rainbow Land.  The castle, the grounds, etc.  It will still have hints of weird fantasy/sci-fi, but much more contemporary in style.  Possibly more steampunk-ish too.  I always thought Rainbow Brite should be revamped as steampunk.
  • Revamps of all the major characters.  New costumes, hairstyles, makeup, etc.  This will include all the original Color Kids, plus Moonglow, Stormy, and Tickle Me Pink (who came along later).  I will be making them as teens or adults.  Probably adults.
  • A Starlite horse, which I will probably keep as the classic version, on one of Dragonslave's awesome meshes.  Possibly Skydancer too.  And maybe a non-robotic form of Onyx.
  • If I can swing it, I'd like to try and make the original costumes for kids.  I do not mesh, so I'm not sure how well I can do this.
If I actually embark on this ridiculous plot, would anyone have any interest?  This is a pretty tall order for a fairly narrow fan base, I think.  I'd mostly be doing it for me, but if I can make somebody else very happy, so much the better!


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