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Deatherella was my Super Blind Date. As much fun as I had, I probably won't volunteer for two people again. I about drove my husband nuts. However, I am getting a new computer TODAY so it will be mine, all mine and I won't have to share Photoshop with him anymore.

Anyway, here are the things I made her. I'm particularly happy with the Sims Store Spooky recolors, because I had been wanting such for myself for a long time. Always better to make gifts that you yourself would enjoy too, I think.

I really had a blast making the kid's clothes too. I had no idea how much fun that would be.

Fear my mad poem skills! And my poor spelling of your name skills! Ha!

I kind of sort of started with a theme, and then got distracted and wandered all over the place. I think I hit several things on your want list despite my creative frenzy. Here are your lovely offerings:

First off, I personally really liked the Spooky Build Set from the former Sims 2 store, but three colors? Come on! And the so-called "Enter with Dread Door"? Not so dreadful. The gargoyles are a nice touch, but it's a honking huge wooden BORING door. If I'm going to use that much space for a two-story doorway, it had better be badass.

So I fixed things a bit. First, you get the five windows and the door in all 18 of Aelia's Eco colors. It makes the set a lot more versatile than just for haunted castles and mansions. Second, I jazzed up the door a bit with some random Thief II textures I had lying around on my hard drive - skulls and skeletons because you are Lady Death after all! I think the new texture makes the door look really awesome. Just fair warning, there are two colors that nearly black out the door textures because they're so dark, but I kept them in anyway because they looked so nice on the windows.

Next, I had this brilliant idea to make Medieval zombie clothes. So I made these:

All ages but Elder are represented. The males use iamliz's Russian Viking Mesh (conversion by G-Knee for teens, child, and toddler), and the females use iamliz's Alpha Editable Medieval Dress (conversion by Cynnix for child). There are three colors for each mesh, and I copy-pasta'd the adult textures onto the others so you have a matched set! They are ripped, muddied, bloodied, spattered, torn, and generally disgusting. I hope you can get some use out of them for zombies or otherwise.

And here's where the thematic stuff ends. The bad news is I started going random places. The good news is I ended up making a bunch of kids and toddler stuff. You said you liked big families in your game, so the kids must always have more stuff!

First, some Valentine's Day things.

Like the picture says, you get four new underwear/pajamas for little boys in cute Valentine-themed patterns courtesy of Colourlovers on Fakepeeps' Basic Boxer mesh - just in time for Valentine's Day next year!

Little girls got some new undies as well. Same deal, same mesh, etc. etc.

Next up: Pajamas!

Electric Sheep is a Fakepeeps conversion mesh for boys from the adult pajama set. Six new patterns = more fun!

Goodnight Moon is another Fakepeeps mesh for boys. These have plain long-sleeved shirts with patterned pants - six designs. I personally really dig the bat pajamas.

Summer Breeze is yet another Fakepeeps mesh for a baby doll nightie for little girls. Six new designs here alternating with patterned bodices with plain skirts or patterns all over.

Sweet Dreams is yet another Fakepeeps mesh (there might be a pattern here) for a lovely fancy pajama top with bottoms for little girls. The pants are patterned with coordinating solid colored tops to match. Six new designs here as well.

And last, but certainly not least, are the toddler pajamas! These are six new pajamas for boys or girls, Fakepeep's mesh, and they are super-cute in game.

And here's the link to EVERYTHING.

Meshes are included; all files have been labeled and compressorized. You may share to your heart's content.

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