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Well, my Valentine's things got set on the back burner and then some because of the Blind Date event at Garden of Shadows.  I not only went a little ballistic with my Blind Date's gift, I then was asked to be a Super Blind Date for someone who's date had to drop out.  Of course I accepted and then proceeded to go absolutely bug nuts (and even spent a couple of days in a soda-free haze of headaches, since I gave up the bubbly stuff for Lent this year) for the second maybe I'll get back to it sometime?

Yeah right.  Like the RE house that I have to start over.  :P

Anyway, I wanted to share Alfie's gift with anyone who might want it (who's not on GoS, I guess) since it's a boatload of medieval clothes.  The color scheme is gray/silver/green since that's what she wanted for her particularly 'hood, but I think they would work well for any medieval game.  And did I mention there's a boatload of them? 

This was copied and pasted from the message I sent her.  All the links are here, and there's a big Download Everything one at the very end if you want it all.  You know you want it all.  ;)

10 multi-colored and various patterned dresses on LIz's Alpha Editable Medieval Dress mesh.
Download AF Dresses

Separates!  The first of many!  10 light colored undertunics (colors from the right two columns) and 10 dark colored over dresses (from the left two columns) for mixing and matching on Silvain's mesh.  The undertunic will work as a top for other skirts or pants as it only shows down to the waist.
Download AF separates 

10 patterned recolors on Liz's Russian Viking Tunic mesh.
Download AM tunics

Separates for AM!  Not so medieval-ish, but you mentioned you like Ja's stuff, so I couldn't resist.  I thought it looked medieval enough, well, if you squint and turn your head just so.  10 shirts and 10 pants on Ja's lovely meshes.
Download AM separates

Teen separates!  More sort of medieval-ish on Ja's meshes.  10 tops with vests and 10 pants.
Download TF separates (Ja)

More separates!  Silvain converted her AF mesh to teens, so I snagged it too.  Unlike the AF version, however, the top is less useful with other bottoms because the waist is sort of...missing.  10 under tunics and 10 over dresses to mix and match.
Download TF separates (Silvain)

And more separates, for teen guys this time.  More of Ja's meshes, the same as the AM set.  10 tops and 10 bottoms.
Download TM separates (Ja)

And yet more separates!  These are Fantasy Rogue's Chausses and Hose meshes converted to teens by Cynnix.  I lightly textured the tunics on these.  10 tunics and 10 hose combinations to choose from.
Download TM separates (Cynnix)

Another Cynnix conversion, this time on Liz's Alpha Editable dress.  10 pretty dresses for little girls.
Download CF dresses

10 recolors on Liz's Assassin Creed Robe for kids.  It's universal for boys and girls.
Download CU robes

G-knee converted Liz's Russian Viking Tunic for children and toddlers.  These are tool-tipped as Cynnix and I didn't catch it until I was done with them.  Anyway, 10 recolors for both girls and boys.
Download CU tunics

And for the boys only, another set of Cynnix's conversion of Fantasy Rogue's Chausses and Hose.  10 tunics, 10 hose sets.
Download CM separates

For the littlest ones, I have Cynnix's adorable toddler gown with flats for boys and girls.  10 lovely colors with patterned tops.
Download Toddler gowns

Another of Cynnix's meshes - a cute tunic with hose with boys and girls.  Another 10 colors.
Download Toddler tunics

And we have reached the end of my offerings.  All meshes are included for simplicity's sake, all files are labeled, and everything has been compressorized.  If you don't want to download each individual set, I have a ginormous .rar with everything too (which is 78 MB)...

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