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This is a work in progress for me - I've been fiddling with them all week and I've come to a good stopping point for now.

Introducing...Shadowfell's Hexalicious! Actions Version 1.0!

Included are 140 Photoshop color actions based on the named Hex colors.  I am a graphic and web designer so I thought that would be a good place to start as I've spent a lot of time with these colors.  They were built in CS5, but they should work in earlier versions at least back to CS - I don't have another version of Photoshop to test on, however, so take this as a warning.

The colors!

I've had the best luck with these using grayscale textures around 50% gray, however, using them on colors will also supply some interesting results.  The black is a little tricky and the really saturated bright ones are...really saturated and bright, but I've kept the actions in layers so you can change individual settings.

Now for the rules: Use and abuse them, tweak them to your heart's content - just don't claim them as your own.  Credit is appreciated but not required.

Download from!

To use: place in your C:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop/Presets/Actions and load into your Actions palette to use.

So...plans for future versions:

  1. Level out the saturated ones so they aren't so texture-eating.
  2. Fix the black so it's universally easier to use.
  3. Arrange them by color families and separate the downloads that way.
  4. Add more Hex colors as I go.



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