Feb. 16th, 2013

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Well, my Valentine's things got set on the back burner and then some because of the Blind Date event at Garden of Shadows.  I not only went a little ballistic with my Blind Date's gift, I then was asked to be a Super Blind Date for someone who's date had to drop out.  Of course I accepted and then proceeded to go absolutely bug nuts (and even spent a couple of days in a soda-free haze of headaches, since I gave up the bubbly stuff for Lent this year) for the second gift...so maybe I'll get back to it sometime?

Yeah right.  Like the RE house that I have to start over.  :P

Anyway, I wanted to share Alfie's gift with anyone who might want it (who's not on GoS, I guess) since it's a boatload of medieval clothes.  The color scheme is gray/silver/green since that's what she wanted for her particularly 'hood, but I think they would work well for any medieval game.  And did I mention there's a boatload of them? 

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It also just occurred to me that I never posted my Secret Santa gift either.  Oops. 

So!  Here is my 2012 Secret Santa gift to FoxManic also.  There are clothes, accessory eyelashes, and skintones. 

P.S. Dreamwidth, I know I've bitched about this before, but seriously.  If I have to physically fix your damn "</cut>" tags because you just stick them somewhere in my message, you suck.  I learned HTML because of screw-ups like this.  Anyway...

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