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Do you have a problem with authority and feel the need to rebel?  Are the rules in your Neighborhood Association a little too strict?  Are you famous/artistic/eccentric/certifiably insane and want to show it off to the world?

Then, look no further than Paint4Sale Sidings!

Juanita the Witch digs her new house.
I bring to you a rainbow of 39 brilliant colors in a slightly weathered siding texture.  I made these specifically for testing out my Hexalicious! actions which you can download here if you're interested.  It's an unfinished action set, but their current state works okay.  The colors are derived from the named Hex colors from HTML coding.  I chose some of the brightest ones for this set.
Ooh.  Aah.

The textures are all compressorized and labeled so you can easily delete any you don't want.  I've also included a Collections file so you don't have to search everywhere for them.

I really wasn't sure about these during their creation process.  Blinding colors are not really my cup of tea, but once I loaded them into the game, I loved them all.  Some screen shots:
Juanita is making fun of you.

Three colors on one house?  No one can live at that speed!

Picture credits:
Juanita the Witch by me
House by me
Doors and windows from Holy Simoly
Lots of Lots "mini" 1x2 lot from Mary Lou at MTS.

Date: 2012-05-18 08:51 pm (UTC)
vereiya: (Default)
From: [personal profile] vereiya
These are very nice! Thank you! :)
(Also, thanks for the actions! I am a graphic design student and this made my day. xDDD)


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